Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Amandine Patisserie

I do not recall ever being at Amandine Patisserie though my brother Gary thinks I have been there ages ago. The other day, he had me try their Kouign Amann.  I asked him if it was good and he didn't want to comment till I have tried it.

The look of it was not too promising. It looked dense and dry. I pulled it apart and behold.....it had a filling of apple cinnamon with a consistency of a Tarte Tatin.  I was pleasantly surprised as I really did enjoy it. I could not realistically compare it with the true Kouign Amann which do not have any filling at all.  They really should call it something else; but for the lack of a better name and at $2.65 a piece,  I surrender.

Amandine Patisserie is at 12225 Wilshre Blvd., Los Angeles.  They serve breakfast, lunch plus desserts.

For the real Kouign Amann, Bouchon in Beverly Hills is still King!

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