Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bizou Grill dineLA

I wanted to take advantage of the last day of dineLA week last night; so Sandi and I had planned to go to Bizou Grill at 2450 Colorado Ave #1050 in Santa Monica, California. My husband Otto decided to join us. While we were driving on the freeway towards Santa Monica, my brother Gary called and since his office was close by, he thought he would give us the pleasure of his company.

The dineLA menu for dinner was a real bargain. For $25 you got a 3 course meal.
For starters, you had a choice of their very good Lobster Bisque, Onion Soup, Stuffed Mushrooms w/ Endive, or Pear Salad.  Gary ordered the Lobster Bisque, Sandi had the pear salad and Otto and I had the mushrooms with an incredible sauce. I have had the mushrooms before and loved it. Sandi's salad was o.k and Gary's lobster bisque was very good.

For our entrees, Otto and Sandi had the Steak, Shrimp and Scallop with Baked Potato. The consensus was it lacked flavor even with the sauce that came with it.  Gary and I were the winners of the evening. We had the Lobster with the Squid Pasta. That had a lot of flavor and was very good. 

There were 3 selections for dessert, if I remember correctly.  Tiramisu, Flourless Chocolate Cake and the 3 Flavor Sorbet.  Gary and Otto had the Tiramisu which was delicious; light as ever.  Sandi and I had the trio of sorbet: mango, raspberry and lemon.  The lemon was quite tart but the sweet mango and the raspberry soon took over the tartness; hence, perfect harmony.

The selections for the prefix could have been better but I must tell you there are a lot of exciting and delicious dishes in the menu.  We have been at Bizou many times in the past and there's always something for everyone.  The best thing are the prices. They are inexpensive; for $1.00, you can have their house salad or soup of the day, with your entree.  Their corkage fee is $2.00.  Where else can you find a deal this good?

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