Saturday, August 5, 2017


We had some business in Long Beach the other day so we decided to look for a restaurant that was interesting so we ended at Utopia. On its website, it stated: "world class ambiance that will tantalize your senses and whet your appetite". From across the street, it looked like a cozy little place.

The temperature was in the high 80's so we didn't want to sit outside. Inside the restaurant were fans and it seemed even hotter in there, so we ended up outside. We ordered Fried Artichoke Hearts for an appetizer. It was nice a crispy but it lacked flavor. The sauce helped but even that could have been better.

Sandi took the suggestion of our server. She ordered the Pollo Piccata and I had the Linguini Puttanesca. Before I ordered, I did ask our server if the pasta is done aldente and he assured us that it will be. Sandi's chicken was delicious and my Puttanesca had good flavor but both portions of pasta were overdone.

When our server asked how everything was, we told him we were disappointed that they were not cooked aldente. He apologized and said he would inform the chef. We weren't going to order dessert but our server Nicolas asked if he could bring dessert on him since we were not too happy with our meal. We picked the Peach Sorbet which was served on a hollow peach. It was nice and refreshing. It was the best part of the meal, thanks to Nicolas.

Utopia failed to tantalize our senses nor whet our appetite. Maybe we just came at the wrong time. The heat did not contribute to our eating pleasure. Utopia is located at 445 First St. in Long Beach, California.

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  1. Well, darn - doesn't sound much like my idea of utopia at all.