Thursday, August 31, 2017

Lawry's Bevery Hills

Dinner at Lawry's just never gets old. We celebrated Amy's 88th birthday with her husband Nako and Sandi. We got there a bit early to take advantage of the meatballs and homemade potato chips at the bar.

Our server, Dolce greeted us as we took our seats. We ordered a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon but before we put our orders in, Ariel Chopra Lawry's general manager came to say hello and I introduced him to the birthday celebrant. We were all delighted when he asked Dolce to bring us all a glass of Champagne. 

It was hard not to eat more than 1 piece of their delicious sour dough bread. No one passed that test. Dolce came over to start us with the spinning salad which we all enjoyed with the chilled forks. 

Anthony our carver, whom we've had many times before served us our prime rib with the best creamed corn. The Yorkshire pudding came next. The creamy horseradish was great on top of the perfectly cut meat. Everything was delicious as we ooohed and ummmed.  Nako, Amy and Sandi had fairly large left overs.  I guess they ate too much bread. I on the other hand ate everything on my plate. It was sad as I had nothing to take home.

Amy got a birthday English Trifle for dessert. The 3 of us ordered the Crème Brûlée but before anything we asked Dolce if they could really burn the top. It came perfectly burnt they way we all like it. It was delicious. The custard was not too sweet or overpowering. 

We all thought we ate too much that we all vowed to see each other at the gym the following morning. I am happy to report that we all kept our promise. I never get tired of Lawry's. They are consistently very good and service is unbeatable. 
Thanks to Dolce and Ariel for another unforgettable birthday celebration.

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