Sunday, August 13, 2017

Rosé Gummy Bears

I recently read that it is very easy to make Rosé Gummy Bears. That sounded good to me. I have had Champagne Gummies and thought they were good but it didn't have much flavor. I imagined that rosé gummy bears would have a bit more flavor.

I ordered 2 gummy bear molds from Amazon last week and received it the day before yesterday. I got my ingredients from the market and opened a bottle of Rosé wine. It indeed was very easy to make and filling the individual gummy bears with a dropper was fun. Somehow a fertility doctor came to mind. My molds were full and still had some left over liquid so I filled 3 silicone mini muffin liners.

The gummies were ready in 2 hours but for good measure, I left them in the refrigerator for another hour. The time had come for me to check on my little baby bears. They were so cute. I tasted one and it hardly had any taste to it. So I tried the bigger piece. I had a bite and I had a hard time getting a grip on it in my mouth because it kept slipping away. I would try and chew on it and it slipped to the other side of my mouth. It was a crazy experience. I guess they are not meant to be eaten in big pieces. Nevertheless, the gummies were nothing to get excited about. I tried so hard to love them since it was a labor of love but it was just o.k.

I think I will use Prosecco next time. That would make them sweeter.   I even thought I should experiment with Port wine. I will try another batch sometime soon. In the meantime, my favorite gummy bears are the chocolate ones made in Germany. They are still the best.