Tuesday, August 8, 2017

le Bon Garçon

I heard about these wonderful caramels from le Bon Garçon. Naturally, I had to see for myself how wonderful these caramels are. I went on their website to discover that they have several flavors. One is the Salted Caramel, Honey Lavander Caramels, and Lemonade Caramels. I wanted to order all three flavors but the Lemonade was sold out. Before I received the caramels in the mail, I went back to the website to further investigate what these caramels were all about. Chef Justin Chao is the man responsible for these tiny pleasures from heaven. This master chef went to culinary school in Paris at Bellouet Conseil and ended up working at Le Meurice. Here is a short video of his creations.

The long awaited caramels finally arrived. The Honey Lavander really tasted like lavender. I loved the flavor. The caramel itself was soft as caramels should be. The Salted Caramel was magic, very creamy and you could really taste the salt which was great. I was immediately hooked on these caramels. I was disappointed that the lemonade caramel was sold out. I will have to try that as soon as they are able to fill an order.

The caramels are made with heavy cream, butter, lemon juice, buttermilk, salt, spices and other natural flavors. You will be able to tell this is premium quality and the taste will speak for itself.

Le Bon Garçon is located at 481 E. High St. Moonpark (Simi Valley), California.

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