Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Pantry's Sourdough Bread

They've been baking their sourdough for the last 93 years. Every time I go to The Original Pantry Cafe, I make it a point to buy a loaf of their bread. Toasted with butter and homemade preserves if you're lucky enough to know my friend Mertz who constantly makes jars of preserves, then you've got it made.

Yesterday, my son wanted a Croque Madame. Nothing can be better than good old L'amande's Croque Madame so I had to improvise. He toasted the bread and added a bit of butter ( I would have slathered butter all over), and some Everything Bagel Vermont Cheese that Sandi gave me from Vermont. I then fried 2 eggs and plopped them over the toast. It was deeeelicious.

Most sourdough isn't sour enough but you can always count on The Pantry's Sourdough bread to be sour.

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