Thursday, October 5, 2017

Orleans & York Deli

On the way back from Saugus and a movie in Santa Monica, Mertz, Sandi and I discussed where we could have a light dinner since we all had a big breakfast. We didn't get any popcorn at the movies and though Sandi announced she was not hungry, Mertz and I felt the same way though we thought we would be hungry fairly soon while stuck on the 405 freeway. A little bird suggested we stop by Orleans & York Deli in Inglewood.  We planned to just pick up some food and take it to Mertz's house.

We ordered the Gumbo Mambo Platter which had bell peppers, onion,shrimp, chicken, beef sirloin, beef sausage and rice. We also got the Shrimp Inspiration which comes with a loaf of their own French bread. This is not on their menu, you just have to remember it. There are 14 pieces of succulent shrimp in a spicy sauce that is perfect for dipping the bread. By the time we got to Mertz's house, we were a bit hungry. Everything was so delicious. Mertz served champagne with lots of pomegranate seeds. The pomegranate started out to be sour but later turned nice and sweet after they absorbed the champagne. When we could eat no more, we settled on her couch and watched a Netflix special "Our Souls at Night" starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda which we enjoyed.

What a day; driving, eating, watching a movie and eating again! What more can we want?


  1. We sound like the laziest bunch of gluttons EVER, but it was a good day together. The food from Orleans & York was wonderful - tasted like we had traveled to New Orleans!

  2. We don't just sound like a bunch of gluttons....we are!