Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween Party

Just a few days ago I decided to have a Halloween Party yesterday. Most of the food was going to be purchased or brought by friends so everything was doable. Most people dressed up which made it more fun. I was excited to make Cheese Fingers and Lychee Eyeballs which everyone enjoyed. 

The usual guests were invited. Sujata, Sandi, Cindy and Amy were first to arrive. Then came my brother Gary as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones but we all thought he looked more like Peter Sellers. He was accompanied by his friend Rocky who was his photographer. A couple, Piero and Inez came as characters from Day of the Dead. Two surgeons later arrived, Dr. and Dr. Maher. Yvonne came as a colorful jester with her husband Fabrice who came as Fabrice. Otto was a bicyclist.

We had meatballs which Sandi made. Amy made some deviled eggs. I had ordered boneless lemon pepper and Louisiana rub chicken wings, fried pork dumplings and macaroni potato salad and prepared cheese & crackers, truffle mozzarella baby balls and prosciutto with persimmons. For dessert, Yvonne and Fabrice brought 2 pecan pies. In addition, we had the lychees, chewy chocolate cookies from Torrance Bakery, and I made some pretzel-Rollo bites. We had champagne with lots of pomegranate seeds throughout the party.

Before the evening ended, everyone participated in playing Charades which was fun except for Gary and Rocky who were glued to the television watching the Dodger game. They were making all kinds of noise watching the Dodgers as did we while playing our game.  

It was a fun evening. I didn't get to bed till midnight which was a perfect excuse not to go to the gym.  


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