Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Original Pancake House

After a semi-hard workout at the gym, five of us were seated at the Pancake House by 7:30 a.m. It's a good time to go before any line could form outside. We had a newbie with us; Daniel. He was the only one who had to study the menu. The rest of us already knew what to order.

We all had to have the 49'er Flap Jacks which are plate size pancakes but they are really more like crepes that are chewy and tender served with whipped butter and syrup. Nako and Amy shared that with sausage and eggs. Sandi and I shared that too with an order of Potato Pancakes served with cinnamon apple sauce. The newbie, Daniel thought he didn't have a choice but to order the 49'er. He was a bit disappointed since he's a meat and egg type of guy. The rest of us were happy campers. Our favorite server, Raquel was on the ball as usual refilling our mugs with coffee.

Some people say it's a waste of time going to the gym if we eat a sort of heavy breakfast so why do it? We go to the gym so we can have our unhealthy breakfast. So that's that.!!!

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