Thursday, May 24, 2018

Birthday Luncheon at Sandi's

Aging happens to the best of us including Sandi who decided to serve her friends lunch after seeing the movie "Book Club" which was appropriate for us women of a certain age.

She started with hors d' oeuvres; cheese and crackers, grapes, chips and cream cheese topped with a mango habanero sauce which was an instant hit. There was champagne for some and red wine for Amy.  There were lots of laughs and stories to catch up.

For lunch, Sandi cooked Turkey Burgers and Hot Dogs wrapped in bacon. Everyone loved the burgers which were juicy and tender. She also made a  beautiful Red and Yellow Beet Salad with purple potatoes, asparagus, fresh peas, shallots, and arugula with a homemade dijon mustard dressing. She also had a Fruit Salad and Oranges which was marinated overnight in ginger, honey and lemon juice. Everything was delicious.

Mertz brought a homemade Lemon Raspberry Bundt Cake. We were all impressed with her baking skills; one of her many talents. That too was wonderful with a little bit more of raspberry sauce for topping.

It was a great celebration but a lot of work for the birthday girl. Happy Birthday again, Sandi.....till next year.

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