Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Birthday Dinner at Bettolino

My old friend Mary (not that old), invited me to celebrate my belated birthday dinner. Before we even made our decisions on what to order, Sonia my favorite server, brought out fresh warm bread accompanied by a dish of olive oil with herbs. I asked for some fresh Parmesan to go in the oil. That alone made us very happy and even happier with the bottle of Pinot Noir Mary brought.

She asked me if I wanted to order an appetizer which I did but I would have wanted to share it with her so I don't get too full. I was thinking of the Polipo (Grilled Spanish Octopus) but I knew Mary would not go for that so we decided to split a Caesar Salad instead. While we were splitting our salad, Sonia came with a dish of the appetizer I wanted. I told her I didn't order that unless she had ESP and read my mind. She explained that it was sent by Andreanna, the owner. Unfortunately, it was not Mary's cup of tea so I devoured that little sucker. Mary ate the beans. If you can get past the looks of it, you would love the octopus; it was so tender and the lemon garlic sauce made it so delectable.

Though there were many interesting things on the menu, we decided we wanted pasta. Mary wanted pasta with scampi which was not on the menu but they were happy to accommodate. I tried something I haven't tried before; the Tortelloni al Limone stuffed with spinach and ricotta which had a beautiful lemon cream sauce topped with Parmesan. I absolutely loved this dish. I had to leave 2 on my plate since my belly was too full from the salad, octopus, and mounds of bread since Mary asked for more warm bread.

The dessert we ordered was my favorite, the Salted Caramel Semifreddo. This is a semi-frozen salted caramel mousse, layered with graham crackers with a chocolate sauce. The picture speaks for itself. There was a bonus dessert presented to Mary so she could blow out the candle and make her wish.

Another wonderful dinner at Bettolino. Thank you, Mary, for a delightful evening. Thank you Andreanna for the Polipo and thank you, Sonia, for the excellent service. Bettolino is located at 211 Palos Verdes Blvd. in Redondo Beach, California.

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