Monday, May 1, 2017

The Crumpet Shop

This blog was supposed to be about the Bacon Donuts at the Daily Dozen which we heard about. We were disappointed in them as they were not as light as we expected and was too sweet. So far the best bacon donuts I've had is still from Cafe Dulce in Los Angeles. As we walked around the Public Market in Seattle, we came across a place called The Crumpet Shop.

Since none of us have ever heard of a store specializing in crumpets, we thought it needed some investigation. We proceeded to eat our not so good, overly sweet bacon donuts outside and Mertz and I ordered a cappuccino and coffee. I had to try at least one crumpet. There were a lot of choices but one stood out. That was the Lemon Curd and Ricotta Crumpet. I don't know about the others but this alone is worth going back to Seattle for. It was most delicious. The crumpet was crunchy and bit chewy and the lemon had a bit of tartness but the ricotta balanced everything. I still dream about this crumpet.

On the way out, I had to meet the owner/manager. A nice young man by the name of Rob. He told me that this was a family business. My first question was where else do they have the Crumpet Shop and my second question is will they open one in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, you would have to go to Seattle to try these wonderful crumpets. There are no current plans yet to open in Los Angeles but there's always that possibility.

Here's the link to their website in case you find yourself at the Public Market in Seattle.

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  1. Soooo good! I would gladly return to Seattle for another lemon curd and ricotta crumpet if I could have their perfect latte with it. Sandi and Candy asked me afterwards whether I could make and can some lemon curd and I think I will if this is what you can do with it!