Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Birthday at Silog Restaurant

It was a perfect venue for 21 people to celebrate my birthday. Silog is a Filipino restaurant. I have had several meals there and it has always been very good. I must warn you though that if you dislike the smell of garlic, you will not like it. I love the smell of it cooking, just not on me. I knew what I wanted so I had ordered Shanghai Lumpia which is always a hit and the Spicy Chicken Wings for hors d' oeuvres. For our entrée, I ordered the Sisig with Garlic Fried Rice for everyone except for 2 people. Sujata had the Shrimp and Joyce had the Tapa (Filipino Rib Eye). A nice salad with a Mango dressing was served to make the dinner a bit healthy.

All the entées came with a soft boiled egg. There were 3 people that don't eat soft boiled eggs so Piero ended up with 4 eggs! Everything was delicious as ever. There were no complaints and believe me, if something was not good, I would have heard about it. I always thought the only alcohol that goes with Filipino food is champagne. Everyone was treated to the very nice sparkling La Montina Rose wine from Franciacorta. My friend Amy was the only one who prefers red wine so she had her very own bottle.

We had a nice treat during the evening. Joyce Partise's CD "My Brazilian Heart" was on Spotify so we were able to listen and dance to her music. When Piero and Gary danced with her, I told Joyce she had to sing while she danced the night away. Konnee, a great dancer showed off her moves with Piero, our dance instructor. I even tried to rumba and cha-cha with a medical walking boot for my sprained ankle. I felt like Mrs. Robocop.

Dessert was Turon (fried banana) with Langka (jackfruit) ice cream. Everyone loves turon so we managed to eat a bit more. I did not plan on any birthday cake so my brother Gary bought a Salted Caramel cake and some beautiful mini cakes; mango, tiramisu, chocolate, to name a few. Though they were all good the Salted Caramel was the winner. A bit messy to cut but who cares as long as it pleases the palate.

When we could eat or drink no more, we started with the Karaoke, something I've never done. It was nice because we had several microphones so a few people that were not shy in singing, John and Joyce led everyone else. Towards the end of the evening, we finally achieved a high score in the Karaoke.

I thank my friends for making the evening special and unforgettable. Lemuel did a great job with the food. Here's to another year!

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  1. Great party, guests and food! Candy's birthday celebration was a lot of fun with a chance to see people I haven't seen in a while and to meet a few new friends of hers. She's right that the food was tasty. I can't wait until she wants to go to Silog again and I can try some other dishes.