Monday, April 24, 2017


This was our only dinner from our overnight foodie trip to Seattle. Canlis was highly recommended so we thought it would be "the one" for the three of us.

A nice inviting fireplace was just across the reception podium. As we were led to our table, we walked by large glass windows that overlooked Lake Union. The sun had not set yet so we were treated to a beautiful view which later graduated to a gorgeous evening view with the night lights. All I could think of was that the food should at least match the ambiance.

We all decided to have the 4-course tasting menu. The amuse-bouche consisted of Buckwheat crisp with orca bean paste, crème fraîche, matcha powder and a Savory Aebleskiver (Danish pancake puffs) stuffed with burrata cheese and finished with dill powder and uni tongue. The crisp was very light and had a nice flavor. The pancake puff was outstanding with the burrata cheese oozing out and the buttery uni was the icing on the cake or should I say, pancake. The Rolls were served on top of what looked like big bird seeds to me but was later informed they were heated wheat berries to keep the rolls warm.

For our first course, Mertz had the Carrots with celery root, horseradish, and black lime. Sandi and I opted for the Peter Canlis Prawns: Alaskan spot prawns with vermouth, butter, and lime. The prawns melted in our mouths, so juicy and tender. The flavor of butter, vermouth, and lime could not have been better.

For our second course, Sandi had the Cabbage "Pierre" Fermented and grilled over coals. I almost turned vegetarian after I had a bite of the cabbage with its sauce.  Mertz and I had the Steak Tartare.That was very good though I was sorry I didn' t order the Grilled Oyster since one of us was ordering the Tartare, I could easily have had a bite or two from Mertz's order. Well, there's always the next time.

I almost made a mistake of ordering the Beet Wellington for my entrée. Not that it wouldn't be good, I read it as Beef Wellington. Mertz saved the evening when she brought it to my attention. But I do love beets so we made a deal. She would order the Beet and I ordered the Scallops which were barely seared with Brussels sprouts, chestnut, and grapefruit. We shared them both and we were happy campers. Sandi had to have her favorite fish: Halibut with morels, peas and pickled plums with foie gras. She was in 7th heaven.

Dessert had five selections. Sandi had the Souffle; Orange Curacao, crème anglaise, and warm madeleines. That was yummy. Mertz and I decided on the Cheese; a selection of artisan cheeses which we all enjoyed with a little bit of our wine left.

After dessert, they offered us a selection of strawberry or chocolate Macarons. We couldn't eat anymore so we took those in a little baggie.

If you want great food and service along with super ambiance, you have to make a reservation at Canlis at 2576 Aurora Ave. N in Seattle, the next time you are in the state of Washington.

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