Sunday, May 14, 2017

Pink's Hot Dogs

In the forty years I have lived in Los Angeles, I have never been to a Pink's Hot Dog stand. I have heard people rave about it and some just thought it was no big deal.

There is one that opened at the Del Amo Mall in Torrance a few months ago and we finally were able to try two of their hotdogs. The famous Chili Cheese Dog was not impressive. In fact, I much prefer the chili dogs at Der Wienerschnizel. The Guadalajara Dog was much better. It had relish, onions, tomatoes and was topped with sour cream. The hot dog had a very satisfying crunch when you bit into it.  Despite my thinking the chili dog was not special, I would definitely go back again and try the many others.

French Fries were very good.  Sandi and I loved them and one order is plenty for two people.
The next time you want a good hot dog, I do recommend Pink's Hot Dogs.

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