Wednesday, May 10, 2017


My friend Mary took me out for my birthday dinner last night at a restaurant I have heard good things about; Suburbia in Redondo Beach.

We ordered small plates. She had to order the Spicy Spaghetti with sliced hanger steak, stir-fried with Thai basil, mushroom, and spicy tomato sauce. I was afraid it might be too spicy but I was able to tolerate it especially when I added some parmesan cheese. The General T's Prawns with chili, crab, peanuts and salted pork was good. The Brussels Sprouts was shaved meaning they were easy to eat; no hard chewing required. It had bacon, lemon, parmesan brown butter, and almonds. It was delicious. We both loved Street Corn "Off the Cobb". It had spicy mayonnaise, magic seasoning (and it was magic) cilantro and radish.

Mary wanted some bread which they didn't have. However, Jessica our server suggested we order Pao de Queijo; Brazilian chewy n gooey cheezy poofs served with butter and spice honey. Those cheezy poofs were soooo very good. They were doughy but in a good way and truly cheezy. They were wonderful little balls!

We didn't have any problems consuming the bottle of red wine Mary brought along. It was a fun evening celebrating my birthday in May and as always, fun getting together with an old and dear friend.

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  1. Catching up with a good girlfriend is great and when there's wine and delicious food like this to share it's even better. The corn off the cob and brussel sprouts make me want to get over to Suburbia sooner rather than later. Happy Birthday again, Karina.