Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Filipino Dinner at the Seven Seas Mariner

I don't know if I can take any other cruise ships in the future other than the Seven Seas Mariner, a Regent Cruise Line.  Everything was first class. The food was wonderful and it was all about quality. Service was impeccable. One of the dining rooms was called Compass Room. This was not their fine dining but the food was indeed what I consider fine dining. The brand of china on the table setting was by Versace.

Since a lot of the servers were Filipinos, I asked if they ever have Filipino food. I was informed that I could request a Filipino dinner and all I had to do is give them 24-hour notice and tell them what I would want on the menu. I invited our new friends, Nicole and D.J. Nicole Sasser is a trumpet vocal artist and she performed twice at the ship. They called her Sassy Nicole. She's a real class act on the stage. Here's a link so you can peek at Sassy Nicole.

I ordered Chicken and Pork Adobo, Pancit (Filipino noodles), Lumpia (eggrolls) and of course steamed rice to go with everything. The dinner was delicious. We all enjoyed it. For dessert, it had to be Leche Flan and even that was very good and light, unlike most flans, that are heavy and too rich.

After the flan, not to mention endless champagne which went with the dinner and dessert, I ordered a cheese plate and port to end the wonderful meal.

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