Monday, May 8, 2017

Brio Coastal Bar and Kitchen

This is a new restaurant that just opened at the Del Amo Mall in Torrance. It was by accident that we ended up eating there.  Sandi dropped me off in front of the restaurant since I still have my orthopedic boot as she looked for a parking space. We were going to the mall to pick up some things. As I waited, I got up and looked at the menu posted by the door. It looked interesting. When Sandi arrived, I showed her the items that needed some investigating. We decided to have lunch there after our shopping.

We ended up sitting at the bar since it was quite busy. They had interesting drinks under "Adult Sips". Sandi ordered the White Peach Sangria; peach nectar, fresh berries, citrus fruits, peach schnapps and chardonnay, and I ordered the Italian Mule: absolut vodka, limoncello, and ginger beer. We both were happy with our drinks.

We decided to order little plates. The Crispy Calamari with sweet chili aioli, buffalo sauce, lime and cilantro, the Shrimp and Grits; black pepper shrimp and creamy smoked Gouda polenta and the Stracciatella Caprese; creamy burrata filling, heirloom tomatoes, basil sea salt on ciabatta. The Calamari was delicious though it could have been crispier. the shrimps were wonderful but 3 was not enough. We had to fight over the 3rd one. The Caprese was good when more salt was added. We liked everything that we decided we would come back to explore the rest of the menu.

Yesterday, Mertz picked me up to go to Best Buy. She even brought a wheelchair to wheel me around. After our shopping was lunch time. We called Sandi and she just had lunch. Mertz asked where I would like to go and I told her how Sandi and I liked Brio and she had to try it. Off we went. This time I had the Blackberry Mojito; Bacardi dragonberry rum, blackberry, blueberries, mint, and lime. I loved this drink. It was better than the Italian mule plus healthier with all that fruit. Mertz had the Italian Mule.

We ordered the Shrimp but instead of 3, we ordered 6 so there was no fighting this time. We ordered the Caramelized Brussels Sprouts with Hobb's bacon, walnuts, maple mustard aioli and balsamic vinegar. Deeelicious! Mertz would have preferred it to be more tender. We also had the Buffalo Cauliflower Steak with Gorgonzola and creamy horseradish. We enjoyed everything. What a healthy lunch: fruit drinks and lots of veggies.

I can't wait to try their burgers, frites, grilled cheese etc. etc. Brio is at 21532 Hawthorne Blvd. in Torrance, California.

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