Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ganche à Trois

What a catchy name for extraordinary cookies. This kiosk is located at the Del Amo Mall in Torrance. The display gets your attention right away. The packaging is beautiful and very classy.

Sandy, the owner was very pleasant and eager to talk about the different flavors which had clever names for them: Tall, Dark and Toffee, Shades of Brownie, Sugar Pie Honey Hunk, Pucker Up Baby, Ganache à Trois, Love Me Some S'Smore, Mexican Cutie.

I bought a couple and Sandy gave me an extra one to try. I so wanted to really love these chewy cookies but unfortunately, I did not. They were moist and delicious but it was not extraordinary. I thought it might have been just me so I shared pieces of them to 2 other friends and they both felt the same way.

A lot of people from Yelp gave good reviews. I may still try other flavors the next time I'm at the mall.

1 comment:

  1. So much effort on the wrapping, the clever names. But I think they need to put a little more effort into the cookies themselves. It's sugar, chocolate, butter - all the right stuff to make you beg for more. But you don't. Hopefully they'll take the input and tweak these cookies a bit.