Friday, August 31, 2012

Lovely Livello

Livello located at the L'Ermitage Hotel; 9291 Burton Way in Los Angeles is truly a delight!  This was my second time around.  A friend and I first discovered this restaurant through one of those specials I happened to snatch at the internet.

Seven of us went there for dinner the other night. As soon as you enter the the very intimate, elegant dining room, you know you are in for a wonderful experience. See my previous blog:

I was so happy to see Joseph, who waited on us before.  He is the old fashioned server (he's not old) who truly seeks to please his customers.  We started with cocktails; dirty martinis again then graduated to nice bottle of Pinot.  Some appetizers were shared, melon wrapped in goat cheese, mint and nuts, snow crab tempura, oysters with ponzu gelee, sambai, green onion and garlic chip. The oysters looked wonderful and since there were just 4 in a serving and Elliot did not want to part with any of his, I didn't get to try them. Someone ordered the sea urchin and fluke crudo in organic olive oil and Ilocano sea salt. That was smooth as butter.

I ordered the bolognese of beef short ribs on pappardelle with pecorino. It was absolutely delicious. I told Otto, my husband that he would definitely enjoy the seared wagyu flat iron on broccoli, onion puree and ponzu.  He was very pleased with it. Aimee ordered the duck confit chili mint with frisee, mache, citrus and arare crackers. I didn't get to try that either. I think I got too excited taking pictures that I forgot to beg from everyone, a taste of their entree. I know, not only does Raymond not like to share, he is usually not interested in trying anyone's entree, especially if I do the offering!

Someone had the grilled octopus with cauliflower; Aimee also had the oxtail tortelloni with heirloom tomato, garlic, basil, parsley and chives. Deepa, the vegetarian had the artichoke hearts and shared some of the parmesan truffle fries and asparagus with light garlic soy sauce. The last picture is the mysterious dish that I could not identify. I am sure it was delicious though I didn't get to try it.  My guess is it was Elliot's dish. He's the one who never wants to share.....can't invite him again!


For dessert, Joseph suggested two plates of a variety of sweets.  The first one had 3 kinds of sorbet, chocolate and lime panna cota.  The other one had cheesecake, pistachio souffle and mochi. They were all a nice finale; like a happy ending to a great book.

At the end of our fantastic meal, I asked Joseph if the chef was still around. Before I knew it, Chef Benjamin Dayag came to greet us all as we informed him how much we enjoyed everything. 

So to Chef Dayag, I say on behalf of the the family.....Maraming Salamat!


  1. Karina and Company, thank you for dining with us at LIVELLO! I am sorry I always miss you when you come in but many thanks for the kind words on your blog. Hopefully I will finally get to meet you on your next visit. Until then eat well and salamat! Joseph Elevado, Exec Chef L'Ermitage.

    1. I am so looking forward to meeting "the great chef", Chef Elevado!