Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Double Birthdays at Lawry's Prime Rib

Triple celebrations; Lawry's 80th birthday, Gary & Dino's Birthdays. We took advantage of the 80th celebration of Lawry's. We had a nice corner table and our server, Ms. Pat Thomas took very good care of us.

We started out with their succulent Shrimp Cocktail which is always good. It was hard not to overeat the warm sourdough bread but we all had to restrain ourselves so we could fully enjoy our prime rib. Right after we inhaled the shrimp, Ms. Thomas came to mix our salads with precision and grace. Lewis, my 8 yr. old nephew didn't even want to try the salad. We had to threaten him to at least try it or we would order the salmon for him instead of the prime rib. Then and only then did he try a crouton and immediately made a funny face before he could chew it. What's new and interesting is that the salad now has a bit of applesauce and Worcestershire sauce; still delicious.

We were lucky to have my favorite carver Anthony serve us our California cuts (we opted for an upgrade in cut). Everyone had the creamed corn except Lewis. He didn't want anything with his meat except the Yorkshire pudding. Only Grace and Lewis didn't finish their prime rib. Gary, Dino and I had no trouble cleaning our plates (what else is new)?

The English Trifle came with our meal. The 2 birthday boys got theirs with candles with Ms. Thomas and another server to sing "Happy Birthday".

It was a wonderful triple celebration. As always, Lawry's held it's excellent reputation in food and service. Thank you, Ms. Thompson and Anthony, for a job well done!

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