Wednesday, June 27, 2018

C & O Trattoria

Gary and Ramon invited us for dinner at the C & O Trattoria in Venice. It was the first Sunday of summer so everyone was out including all 11 of us. We were seated on their patio which was a bit chilly but it was not a problem because they later turned on the heaters.

As soon as we were all settled on our seats, we started eating their wonderful and famous "Killer Garlic Rolls". I have never seen a group eat so much of these rolls as they replenished the plates non-stop. I was surprised we were still able to eat our meal! We started with the Calamari Fritti which was nice and crisp and my favorite, Baked Stuffed Mushrooms; stuffed with Italian bread crumbs, red wine, garlic and smoked mozzarella cheese. They're the best-stuffed mushrooms I've ever had.

I also had the most delicious Veal Picatta; tender veal sautéed with shallots in a lemon Pinot Grigio sauce and capellini on the side. I couldn't keep track of who ordered what but fortunately, since this was a group of generous people, everyone offered me to try their entrée. There was a delicious Linguini with Lobster, Fettucine Pesto with portabello mushrooms, asparagus, artichoke hearts, pine nuts and sun dried tomatoes. There was a Linguini Mare with spicy tomato sauce. Someone else had the Capellini Shrimp with artichoke hearts in a garlic butter white wine sauce.

Someone ordered the Pappardelle Pasta with boneless short ribs. I believe Grace had the Linguini with Clams and Rocky had to have his beef, Short Ribs which was slow pan roasted with a Chianti wine sauce.

At around 8 p.m., one of the staff members distributed a large laminated sheet of paper with the lyrics to the song "That's Amore". He told us to get ready to sing. Shortly after the distribution of the lyrics, the music of the song came from the loudspeakers and everyone sang "That's Amore". Even my 8-year-old nephew Lewis sang!

Everyone was full but it was unanimous that we order and share some desserts. We were also celebrating three birthdays: Gary, Ramon, and Dino. It was a happy birthday indeed for the three and the rest of us. Thank you, Gary and Ramon, for a wonderful and fun evening.

C & O Trattoria is located at 31 Washington Blvd. in Marina del Rey, 8 doors from the famous Venice Pier.

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