Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Beef Stew ala Sandi

There's nothing like beef stew on a cold night. Sandi made one of her simple dinners last week, a salad and beef stew.  She has a way of making something simple come to life. Her place setting was colorful  and whimsical with a creature sticking out his tongue at you.

She served some of the wonderful sourdough bread I brought from Gjusta. It was perfect and went well to mop up the gravy from the stew.  The salad had numerous veggies in it which I can't recall and looking at the picture does not help since I drowned everything with a blue cheese dressing.

The beef stew was very good with a bit of rice. I know what you may be thinking; rice and bread....too starchy perhaps? Perhaps not. It was perfect.

She experimented on dessert with baked apples wrapped in puff pastry. She didn't think it would taste good but fortunately, she was dead wrong. It was wonderful especially after we poured some of Fran's salted caramel on it.


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