Thursday, September 14, 2017

Norms Restaurant

Almost every Thursday right after working out at the gym, Nako, Amy, Sandi and I go for breakfast either at Norms, Pancake House or Panera. If you want a hearty breakfast that's sure not to disappoint, Norms Restaurant is the place to go. There is nothing gourmet about it but it's just honest to goodness comfort food.

We usually get our corner table which comes with our very own favorite server in the whole world, Margaret. Margaret has worked for Norms in Santa Monica and in Torrance for 27 years! She has memorized our orders and knows what kind of coffee we want and when to serve it. I always have mine when the food comes. We haven't been there for a month and she still remembered everything. We all think she should be the manager at this Norms in Torrance.

Nako always orders the Bigger Better Breakfast which includes 2 strips of bacon, 2 sausages, grilled ham, 2 eggs, hash brown and 2 pancakes. He shares the sausages with Amy and he eats only 1 pancake and takes his left overs home for lunch or dinner. Sandi and I usually orders the same thing and we split everything. The breakfast cost $6.99 from 4 am to 11:30 am and then it jumps to $8.99 after that. It's a wonderful deal for all that food.

There are times, like today that I ordered a side of the "Single Loaded Hash Brown" Hash Brown topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, green onion and diced tomatoes. This is served with salsa and sour cream. It is delicious; a bit spicy from the salsa and creamy from sour cream. Since Sandi was not with us, I ordered 1 pancake to go with it.  It was a perfect and quite filling. The Double Loaded Hash Brown comes with choice of toast with jelly, English muffin, biscuit and gravy or 2 pancakes. That is a lot of food so I only ordered the single loaded.

We left the restaurant full and ready to conquer the day, though I was so relaxed and tired that I ended up taking a short nap. Norms is open 24 hours so you can have their breakfast deal anytime.


  1. I love that you were ready to conquer the day - so you took a nap! My kind of battle.

    1. yes, otherwise I would have been useless for the day.