Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Figs Galore

If you love figs, you would have wanted to attend our Neighborhood Watch meeting last week at our neighbors house. It was an informative meeting but honestly I knew I had to go because I was sure Tricia was going to cook or bake something wonderful. We were all to bring something to eat or drink. I  didn't have time to make something so I just brought some fried pork dumplings from Paradise Hut.

The main event as far as hors d'oeuvres was Tricia's Fig Pizza. she got the wheat dough from Trader Joe's and added some olive oil, ricotta cheese and honey goat cheese. It was delicious. How I wish I could order that for dinner when it's pizza night. I will even pick it up from her house! Then she made these intriguing balls.  The balls were fresh figs with smoked Gouda inside and then wrapped with prosciutto and then broiled. She normally would have cooked them on the grill but it was 100 degrees that day hence the broiler. Those were exquisite; when you bit on the figs, the melted cheese burst in your mouth. The prosciutto complemented the sweet figs. For dessert, she baked cookie fig bars which she claimed she got the recipe from Sunset magazine. Those were delicious as well. There was my fruit consumption for the week.

The other neighbors brought deviled eggs, caprese salad, burrata with tomatoes and basil. Everything was delectable but the figs took the cake.

Though the temperature went down to the 90's, we all ate well and enjoyed the lovely view from their backyard. Oh, the meeting went well. Lots of information from the Lomita sheriff, the paramedics and the city of Rolling Hills Estates.

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