Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Don't Forget Dominique's Kitchen

It is true that there aren't many good restaurants in South Bay area. Dominique's has only been around a year; in fact they are celebrating their first year anniversary this month. I am so happy for them as they are doing very well. The reason is simple: Very good food at reasonable prices and Lisa and Dominique who are always happy to please their customers.

A friend of mine whom I have not seen since I celebrated my birthday at Dominique's  last April wanted to go back and have the special chicken they are known for.  I tried to talk her into trying something else as you really can't go wrong having the short ribs, the sole, mushroom risotto, scallops among other things. She would not budge. She did order her chicken with the fries and I had the short ribs with the pureed mashed potatoes. Before that, I told her we HAD to order the cheese fondue which is just divine!

Our server Murray is new to the family and in my book, fits right in. He was attentive, crazy in a good way but still professional. He brought us our fondue for 2 but easily could have fed 3 people as an appetizer. When we could not eat anymore, our entrees were served. Those fries that accompany the chicken are so addicting! She shared some of the fries with me. The chicken was naturally delicious, like she remembered it when she first had it. My tender short ribs were just as delicious with the smooth and velvety mashed potatoes which reminded me of baby food....not your regular baby food but Gourmet Baby food. (Lucky baby).  I was surprised that I was able to finish everything in spite of the ton of fondue I consumed. Mary could not finish her chicken so she took the rest home.

After our plates were cleared, Murray thought he saw my credit card on table that he brought us our check.  I told him I NEEDED to order a dessert.....he thought it was funny, after apologizing... We were full but we had to end the meal with something sweet so I ordered the Baked Alaska.  Murray came back and ignited the top of our baked Alaska.  We showed our appreciation by consuming all of Alaska!

Don't forget to make your reservation soon. Remember their very reasonable corkage fee is $9.00.
Dominique's Kitchen is located at 522 S. Pacific Coast Hwy. in Redondo Beach California.

To Dominique and Lisa:  Happy Anniversary and keep up the GREAT work!

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