Saturday, May 4, 2013

J. Nichols Kitchen

This restaurant is commonly known as J.N. and is located on 4375 Glencoe Ave in Marina Del Rey.  My brother who lives walking distance from the restaurant suggested we have breakfast there 2 days ago.

We got there around 9:30 a.m. and we waited only a couple of minutes before they led 3 of us to a booth. The seat was still wet, so I brought it to the attention of our hostess and her remark was: "It's just that way since they just wiped it off." So before we sat, we all waited for her to come back to dry it off. She went into never, never land only not to return. My brother ended up taking one of the napkins and wiping it off himself.

Our server came to take our order so I decided to have the Bacon Cheddar Scramble with smoked bacon, avocado, Tillamook cheddar and scallions. My brother and mom ordered the Belgian Waffle with crispy bacon. They brought our food and we realized we were missing a place setting; no napkin or utensils.  We tried to flag down someone but everyone seemed to be busy so my brother ended up taking a place setting from another table.

The good news is that the Bacon Cheddar Scramble was made to order;  scramble on the easy (light) side so as not to be rubbery. It had the right amount of bacon, avocado, scallions and cheese. One  ingredient did not overpower the other. The hash browns were good as well. I had a quarter of my mom's waffle. I thought it was overdone; too crispy (all the way to the inside) which took away from the waffle flavor. My brother inhaled his portion. I think he was hungry!

Half way through our meal, one of the servers came to ask if everything was o.k. A bit late, since we already cleaned our seats and grabbed another place setting from another table.

We can't have good service all the time; sometimes we just have to be tolerant.

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