Sunday, July 23, 2017


I read about the Chori-Man on Eater L.A. a few days ago so I asked some of my friends if they were interested in checking it out. Mertz and Sandi were in. After seeing the War for the Planet of the Apes movie, we were ready to go look for the Chori-Man in San Pedro. Sandi and I hopped on Mertz's big mobile and off we went.

Chori stands for chorizo. The man responsible for what many consider the best chorizo maker in all of Los Angeles is Humberto Raygoza who is a supplier of chorizo to many restaurants. We found the place in a residential area in San Pedro. Thank God Mertz was able to find a place to park the big mobile. Chori-Man is a very small place with a long and spacious kitchen. There is no place to eat inside. They plan to put a couple of tables outside later on. The menu was short and simple. A few burritos and tacos. They had 2 kinds of tacos, Tolucan green or red. We all ordered both. Since there was no place to sit, we drove to the nearby park. Unfortunately, the tables were not in the shade and it was a very hot day so as soon as Sandi spotted some shade by a tree, Mertz pulled in and we just ate in the car with the doors open for the nice breeze to come in.  The red taco was good, not greasy like most chorizos are but we all preferred the green chorizo. It had a lot more flavor. We unanimously said we would definitely have it again. Mertz bought a lb. of red chorizo to take home. I will have to do that next time but get the green chorizo instead.

Chori-Man is located at 2309 S. Alma St. in the city of San Pedro, California.

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  1. Chori-man was a fun little outing. Good chorizo tacos, not overly spicy with the chorizo ground extra fine. Looking forward to frying up the lb.of chorizo I bought with some potatos, per Sandi's suggestion!