Monday, July 3, 2017

Best Mango Tart

My cousin Kathy had posted a beautiful picture of a mango tart on Facebook. It was so sad that all I could do was look at the picture and just imagine how good it tastes.

My brother Gary and I were attending a wedding in Encinitas and since my aunt lives in the area she invited us to come visit. She informed our cousins, Kathy and Arlyne whom we haven't seen in a long time to come to her house. We were stuck on the freeway since a light plane had just crashed on the 405 so both lanes were closed. The drive took 2-1/2 hours to reach her house.

The drive was worth it because not only did we get to visit with relatives we haven't seen in a long time, we also got the biggest and most delicious treat. Kathy brought the mango tart she had previously posted (not the same one, this was fresher). 

The tart was not just beautiful like a work of art, it was unimaginably delicious. It had a hint of tartness but mostly sweet with cream underneath the fully ripe mangoes. The crust was perfect. Sadly, I was led to believe that you can only get this tart at Urban Pi in Del Mar and a few other locations in the area. As soon as I got back to L.A., I did my research. I couldn't contain myself when I found out there is an Urban Plates in Playa Vista which is close to where my brother lives!

I can't thank my Aunt Evelyn enough for inviting Arlyne and Kathy over and I thank my favorite cousin Kathy for making one of my dreams come alive.

Urban Plates has numerous locations in California. Here is a link on current locations.

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