Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Dominique's Kitchen

It's hard to believe it has been 3 years since Dominique's Kitchen landed in Redondo Beach, California.  The restaurant business is very hard and anyone can tell you that. You have to serve good food, provide good service, have reasonable prices etc. etc. Dominique has done that consistently.

Elliot and I had dinner there a few days ago. We naturally had to start with their fantastic Cheese Fondue with the nice French bread but also had to order Truffle Fries to dump in the hot fondue. We could have eaten than all night with champagne or wine. Liza sent us 2 glasses of Kir Royale which we enjoyed with our Fries.

For dinner, Elliot had their famous Short Ribs which is always tender and has lots of flavor. The creamy, yummy mashed potatoes went well with the meat. I on the other hand ordered something I have not had in a long time. Their famous Chicken with truffle fries. I hardly ever order chicken because chicken is chicken....blah blah blah. Dominique's chicken is to die for. I recently watched a show: "I'll Have What Phil is Having", ( a great show on PBS, Monday nights) the segment was on Paris. He talked about the delicious chicken the French would make and he could not get over how great it tasted. I smiled to myself and thought: " I know where I can get that without another trip to Paris", and that's at Dominique's Kitchen. It really is the best, especially if you ask a little extra au jus to pour over the chicken and fries.

Elliot was too full for dessert but I didn't want him to leave without sampling Dominique's desserts. He settled for the Chocolate Mousse. I ordered the Floating Island so Elliot could try it since he has never had it before. That dessert is so light, a bit sweet but not too sweet. It was perfect to end my chicken dinner.

Thanks to Liza and Dominique. This is why the restaurant is doing well. The food alone won't do it. Both of them always treat their customers like they were truly guests at their home. Congratulations to you both!

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