Sunday, October 18, 2015


Yesterday, I was with relatives from Chicago and after doing business, they decided to have dinner at Lawry's. We got to Lawry's in Beverly Hills and was told the wait would be at least 1 hour. I suggested we go across the street to Scratch Bar and since they have never been there, they agreed. So we crossed the street and was disappointed to see a sign by the door that said, "Due to unforeseen circumstances; we are closed for the day."  Though we were sad they were closed, our sadness immediately turned to happiness as next door was Matsuhisa, as in Nobu Matsuhisa.

We started with a bottle of Overture which was a very good wine. It was time to order. I was talked into ordering what they all wanted to order; the Wagyu Beef. They were prepared 2 ways and after talking to our server, we all decided on the Toban-yaki Wagyu. Toban-yaki is a method of cooking on a ceramic plate.  It was cooked with several kinds of mushrooms and onions. Wagyu beef was served by the ounce. FYI, an ounce is $28. So, before you say you want 6oz., make sure you do a quick calculation in your head so you don't end up with buyers remorse. I ordered 2 oz. but someone insisted I have 3oz. I also ordered the Rock Shrimp with creamy spicy sauce. I have had that at Nobu and remembered how good it was. These shrimps were crispy, creamy, and spicy which went well with the Japanese white rice. In addition to the steak, Alma had the Soft Shell Crab Spring Rolls. She was nice enough to give me one. It was delicious. We were all stuffed that we were not even interested in looking at the dessert menu.

You can't really go wrong at this restaurant. The food is always excellent. Matsuhisa is at 129 N.La Cienega in Los Angeles.

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