Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Another Birthday at Ink

O.K. I have blogged about this restaurant numerous times. In fact, I was just there 12 days ago! Here's my last blog:

It was Jody's birthday and this was her 2nd birthday at Ink. We ordered the same things so I won't bore you with the details, especially if you take a look at the previous blog.  This time we brought Sandi who is not crazy for oysters unless it is fried. When the oysters were served, she announced that she would not have any. Like a typical mother talking to her child, I told her I would not take her to eat at restaurants anymore if she does not at least try one. Like a good little girl, she did try it and ended up having more than one! I have always loved them so I ordered another one. Some of them had little pieces of the shell which was not good; I had one of them but Jody had them in 2 of her oysters.

We also had the Salt and Charcoal Potatoes which is always a hit; the Corn with Foritos ( I always called them Fritos) which we loved but noticed that we didn't have enough of the Foritos. There were 3 of us and there were only 2 1/2 of them. The last time I was at ink, there were 2 of us in our party so it was perfect. We asked if we could have just a bit more which they happily supplied a bunch. Well, the bunch was $4.00. This may not seem much but I thought it was overkill. In my opinion, they should have included 3 of them so we each get one. When we asked for more, they should have informed us that there was an extra charge. We didn't need a lot of it; one would have sufficed. We had to order the Egg Yolk Gnocchi. This made Jody almost cry the last time. It is phenomenal and yes, out of this world! Before I could take a picture, one gnocchi already made it's way into Jody's mouth!

I thought it was time to order something different. We went for the Branzino with roasted cauliflower, caper and fermented grapes. This was excellent. The Lobster with Carolina gold rice, sea beans and lobster jus was like a risotto. It didn't lack lobster but somehow we all thought it was just o.k. For $28, this should have been outstanding.

Dessert had to be the Apple, caramel with shortbread. Everyone loved that one; who wouldn't? The chocolate was a bit too rich for my 2 friends.  It is really meant to be shared which we did. At the end we were all pleasantly full.

Ink is located at 8360 Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles.

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