Friday, April 27, 2018

Sweet Lady Jane

The last time I went to Sweet Lady Jane with Sandi, we were disappointed in most of what we bought. We did like the Lemon Meringue which was a bit tart which was the way we like it. This time I was able to refrain from getting anything, though everything looked so beautiful.

My friend Josephine wanted to try the Blackout Espresso Fudge so she bought a slice. It cost her $9.50 for 1 slice.  It was very expensive but she pointed out that the slice was equivalent to 2 large servings.

When we got home, we had a sliver of the cake for each of us. We couldn't get over how pretty the cake looked, almost too good to eat. We had a bite and decided that the cake part was dry. We could not detect any espresso from the fudge. I hate to say this but the Chocolate  Fudge Cake from Ralph's Market is a lot better. The rich fudge is delicious and the cake is always very moist plus you would not have to pay a fortune and you are sure to enjoy the cake.

Most of Sweet Lady Jane's products are too sweet. Their Triple Berry Cake is one that's consistently good. They got that one right. Sweet Lady Jane has several locations; Santa Monica (where we went), Westwood and in Encino.

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