Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Krispy Kreme Lemon Glaze Donuts

For a limited time, Krispy Kreme is currently serving Lemon Glaze Donut. It started Monday, April 23rd and will be available until Sunday, April 29, 2018. I was excited to try the donuts, so right after our workout at the gym, four of us headed down to the Krispy Kreme in Gardena.

I was disappointed to find out that the lemon glaze donuts were not hot. They had the usual glazed donuts coming out from the conveyor belt. The lemon donuts were already made with the other donuts. I went ahead and bought a dozen, some to eat and the rest to freeze. While we stood there, the manager gave us all a lemon donut (free) to try. They haven't been giving out free donuts in a long time. I tried it and it was nothing special. I had to buy a warm glazed donut to go with my coffee. As soon as I got home, I popped one lemon donut in the microwave for 10 seconds. Then and only then did it become something special. It made all the difference in the world of donuts. It was good but it could have been better if it was a little more tart to cut down the sweetness.

On our way to the Krispy Kreme, I made an announcement to my 3 gym buddies that this should be our last trip to Krispy Kreme for the year of 2018, especially because I just went for a Krispy Kreme run last week and delivered some to them. When we got to the parking spot in front of Krispy Kreme, there was a poster that showed Chocolate Glaze Donuts available the first Wednesday of each month! We have had those last year in August when they first decided to make them in honor of the solar eclipse. They were very good; like the lemon, they are good when eaten warm.  I asked the manager if the chocolate donuts will be available "hot" and he said "NO" which was disappointing to hear. They are still worth buying as long as you own a microwave! If you can't eat these donuts warm, don't bother buying them because they are nothing special.

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  1. No more trips to Krispy Kreme in 2018?!?? Isn’t that kind of rash?