Monday, March 19, 2018

Dominiques's Kitchen

I haven't been to Dominique's for several months only because I have been very busy so a friend of mine and I had dinner there last night. My friend loves mussels but they didn't have them so that was out. I thought of their wonderful Cheese Fondue but she does not like alcohol so I figured she might not like it. Our server told us about their special appetizer. It was White Anchovies on Mango with a tomato gazpacho sauce. I was in heaven since my friend loves anchovies so we definitely had to order it.  I also ordered some of their Truffle Parmesan Fries which are always a hit. Those were addictive and I was glad they didn't come in a big bowl because we would have eaten them all. We also decided to split a Caesar salad.

The anchovies arrived and the presentation alone made us almost want to cry from joy! The white anchovies glistened on top of the slices of mangoes. It was absolutely delicious. Liza, Dominique's wife, came over to see how we liked it but before we could say anything, I'm sure she knew what we thought just by observing the expressions on our faces.

For our entrėe, we ordered the Shortribs and the Steak with brandy and peppercorn sauce. Both were as delicious as ever. We hardly ate our entrėes as we were getting full. It was just too much food.

We couldn't leave Dominique's Kitchen without dessert; hence the Baked Alaska with our special request: "burn it".  It was as wonderful as ever. In our excitement/delirious state from an abundance of deliciousness, I forgot to take a picture of the Baked Alaska.

Dominique's Kitchen is located at 522 S. Pacific Coast Hwy. in Redondo Beach, California.

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