Thursday, January 11, 2018


Though Sujata's birthday was in early December, it wasn't too late to celebrate her birthday in January. She treated us to a very nice dinner at Petros, the Greek restaurant in Manhattan Beach.

Mertz had never been at this restaurant before so she was in for a treat. The birthday girl, a vegetarian, ordered the Horiatiki Flatbread Pizza; tomatoes, avocado, olives, red onion, capers, EVO, and oregano. We all were impressed by the looks of it. Sandi ordered the Kokkinisto; slow-cooked boneless short ribs in a tomato and allspice broth served on top of spaghetti topped with Reggiano Parmesan cheese. The short ribs were tender and just fell apart as she twirled them with the spaghetti. She insisted I try it so I indulged and was not at all disappointed.

Cindy, Mertz and I had to have the Moussaka; a classic Greek dish layered with eggplant, ground beef, tomatoes and homemade béchamel sauce. That was delicious as ever. Only Sandi didn't finish her entrée which is probably because she ate too much bread before. The bread was hard to resist since it was always warm.

We had to have dessert so we all decided to share an order of Bougatsa; vanilla bean and semolina custard wrapped in phyllo served with vanilla ice cream topped with walnuts. We have had this previously and have always made it a point to order it since it really is delicious. The Baklava was also delicious, the walnuts wrapped in phyllo were soaked with a citrus syrup and also served with vanilla ice cream.

They presented Sujata with her very own birthday dessert; Loukouma. These were baby Greek doughnuts drizzled with Greek honey, cinnamon and toasted walnuts, served with vanilla ice cream. She was generous enough to share her numerous doughnuts. I was surprised at how good they were. I expected them to be sickly sweet but they were not.

The birthday balloon that we passed around for numerous years has come to an end. We decided that we would end this tradition on the last birthday of 2017. It had a good run while it lasted.

Petros is located at 451 Manhattan Beach Blvd. B110 in Manhattan Beach, California. They now have several locations in Southern California.

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