Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Bring on the Ham

New Year's Day Sandi decided to bake a ham. Her ham was delicious served with a raisin pineapple sauce. What's funny is she doesn't even like raisins! Of all the other sauces she could have made, why did she choose to make the raisin sauce? Her response was, "Because everyone else likes it." Aaron and I did not complain.

With this ham she thought she would serve something healthy, so instead of mashed potatoes, she made mashed carrots and parsnips which was beautiful on the plate and delicious as it looked. She also served some coleslaw. It was a perfect combination of texture, color, and taste. We finished a bottle of champagne; by we, I mean Aaron and I since Sandi had her mini-champagne glass.

For dessert, she served a scoop of salted caramel truffle ice cream with your choice of sauce. My choice was Fran's chocolate and raspberry sauce.

New Year's tradition is to wear polka dots to bring in money for the year. I wanted to be sure so I wore lots of big polka dots. Sandi was not as greedy so her dots were small. Aaron, however, was just as greedy.

It was a great meal to start the new year. Here's to many more great meals to come. Cheers!

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