Friday, January 5, 2018

Tre Piatti at Bettolino

Mertz invited us to Thursday's Tre Piatti at Bettolino Kitchen. The three-course menu can be had with or without wine pairing. She and I opted for the wine pairing while our friend Sandi passed and decided to just have the "house" water. The three courses looked good to me though I knew my two friends would have a problem with the Salmon because one dislikes fish and the other dislikes Salmon. They are not equal opportunity eaters.

We all enjoyed the Antipasto of Prosciutto di Pama wrapped around grilled asparagus drizzled with Parmesan sauce which was paired with white wine. The warm bread served with olive oil was very good and we tried not to eat too much but we failed because we ended up asking for more. The Pinot Noir was perfect for it.

Our Primo was a serving of Spaghetti alla Amatriciana, a slightly spicy tomato sauce with pancetta and fresh herbs. We loved this aldente spaghetti. I could have eaten a big bowl of it. For the Secondo, I was the only one that had the Salmone alla Caponata; salmon, vegetable caponata-eggplant, tomato, celery, onion, capers, red pepper, spinach. It was fresh, flaky and moist and went well with the vegetables. This was paired with a syrah wine. Mertz and Sandi had the same entree but without the salmon; but they had extra veggies. Mertz later commented that next time, if she does not like one course of the three-course menu, she will just order from the regular menu. I know they do not have substitutions because the restaurant can go crazy with everyone asking for different things, however, I think that perhaps they could substitute shrimp or chicken for people that do not eat fish.

Dessert had to be the Salted Caramel Semifreddo; semi-frozen salted caramel mousse layered with graham crackers with a chocolate sauce. We have had this before and absolutely loved the very light and not so sweet dessert. We also tried the Crostata di Pera, caramelized pears in a pastry crust with vanilla sauce and powdered sugar.  We were not too excited about this dessert. We all thought it could have been flakier but the salted caramel made up for it.

The service was excellent. We all loved Sonia who served like a pro even if she hasn't been there that long. We hope to see her soon.

It was a delightful evening and just the right amount of food. Bettolino did not disappoint. Bettolino is located at  211 Palos Verdes Blvd. in Redondo Beach, California.

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