Friday, February 9, 2018

Lalo's Catering Company

I needed a catering company recently and since not too many restaurants deliver take out,  my son went online to check Yelp. There he read great reviews on Lalo's Catering. He then called them and spoke to an Aime. He was impressed with her and suggested that I give her a call.

Their menu was impressive but I was still leary since I have never had their food. I have been previously disappointed with Yelp reviews. People can rave about certain things yet when I try them they're not good. But I went ahead and called. I asked her how much the delivery was going to be and she informed me that it was going to be $40 which included the setup, the paper plates, utensils, and the disposable warming trays.

I ordered the Chicken Marsala, Eggplant Parmesan, Shrimp Caesar Salad and Little Filet Mignon Bites wrapped in Bacon. The entrees came with trays of Spaghetti cooked in olive oil and garlic. I told her the spaghetti needed to be aldente.  The food was delivered on time, in fact, a bit early. I didn't even know it included bread and butter! I was so impressed with the food. The chicken Marsala was so delicious with its mushroom sauce. The eggplant was good too. People kept commenting on how good the food was.

I had so much left over that I was eating pasta for 2 weeks after and it was still unbelievably good. The chicken and eggplant were consumed up to 4 days after. What really impressed me was Aime. She patiently answered all my questions and put me at ease. You could tell she has been doing this for awhile. The question stands: Would I use them again? The answer is: Definitely!

Lalo's Catering is located at 1821 Suite D, 213th St. in Torrance, California.

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