Saturday, April 27, 2013

Another Birthday Celebration at Hinoki and the Bird

I don't know where to start to tell you how incredible our experience was last night at Hinoki and the Bird Restaurant located at 10 Century Dr. in Los Angeles. This restaurant is situated on the ground floor of a high rise condominium next to the Century Plaza Hotel.

It was another birthday celebration and boy was it ever a feast!  They had small plates and regular entrees. We got carried away and ordered the following: Salt and Pepper Fried Calamari , ajwain tomato jam which was absolutely incredible; light and crispy bursting with wonderful flavors. We also ordered the Apple Marinated Short Ribs, Drunken Duck Breast, Grilled Winter Mushrooms with sea salt and lime, Fried Oysters with Black Garlic Aoili, Braised Lamb with tiny potato and cumin seeds, Hinoki Scented Black Cod with sweet potato and pistachio (Wow!) Braised Kurobata Pork Belly (didn't really care whose belly it was) with radish and mustard greens, Marinated tuna with lemongrass salad and a Beef Tartare with pickled jalapeno and parmigiano and a quail egg on top which was wonderful on the burnt toast which was perfect with the beef!

We were all stuffed but we all had to check out the dessert menu.  We decided to go for the Black Sesame Creme with black sesame praline, shiso and kalamansi and the EVVO (extra virgin olive oil) Parfait, olive oil sable, citrus with cinnamon meringue.
Both desserts were very different yet interesting (in a good way), refreshing and delicious.

This truly was a feast.  Our server Beverly was enthusiastic and very professional.  The manager, Nick Moore came by to check up on us and you could tell that he was very concerned with our experience; not just asking about everything for the sake of asking. I did see Chef David Meyers and asked our server if I could have a word with him to express our satisfaction.  He later came by and was very gracious (no arrogance at all like some chefs) and even introduced another one of his chefs, Liecel.

I can't wait to go back to Hinoki and the Bird with my foodie friends so as they can have the same experience. One note though, we sat outside and as it got later in the evening, they had an automatic roof that closed. They also had some heaters so it was quite cozy till all of a sudden there was a bird that flew over and it startled some people.  I am so grateful that bird (Hinoki's bird?) didn't do a a fly by over me or I would have made a scene as I am terrified of birds! So, I could definitely do without Hinoki's bird.

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